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Essay Writing: How to Write at Level 7 
Online Workshop

This workshop explores how to write an academic essay at level 7. We will be looking at structure, approach and the key elements that are needed to show higher order thinking including analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

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21 Feb  2023     5.00pm - 7.15pm    Online

Course Information

Course content

Level 7 (Post Graduate) writing or Higher Order Thinking is 

an important part of psychotherapy or counselling training. Describing theory and your understanding and subsequent application to practice are vital components of these essays. To attain Level 7 the markers are looking to see analysis, synthesis and evaluation. This workshop looks at these key elements and how to approach them:


Summarising – but then critique a theory, your practice, your development.

Considering – think about and then recommend alternatives; and then appraise these options

Comparing – compare and contrast your differing approaches and recommend others.

Evaluating – your practice, draw conclusions, integrate with theory, evaluate and justify.

Learning Outcomes

The key outcomes from the workshop are:

Developing the confidence to write at level 7, post-graduate level.

Understanding what needs to be included for this level and how to structure an essay.

Fee: £25 

About the trainer

Nea Clark is a PTSTA (Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst) in the field of psychotherapy. She has an  MSc  in TA psychotherapy.


She is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, is a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice. Nea leads supervision and therapy groups and presents on a range of topics.  

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