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Workshop Recordings

We have a number of workshop recordings available to buy. See the selection below. Once ordered via the 'Buy' button, you will be emailed a link to access the recording.

Key TA Concepts

Presented by Elvin Aydin Keles, PTSTA(P), this selection of workshops are aimed at TA students or those wanting to know more. ​

Each workshop £8

What is Transference and Countertransference? - from a TA Perspective

What is Relational TA? 

How is it Different from Psychodynamic TA? 

Working with the Parent Ego State in Therapy

Procrastination and Discontents:

Working with Passive Behaviours

How to Make Establishing a Working Relationship Easier - Personality Adaptations

Thinking Developmentally in Relational TA Therapy

Working with ADHD in the Therapy Room

Nea Clark PTSTA(P)

More Transcript Analysis and the TA Oral Exam

Nea Clark PTSTA(P)

Script System and Beyond

Ben Groves CTA(P)

Safeguarding and TA:
Beyond Escape Hatches

Ben Groves CTA(P)

Other Workshops

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