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Suicide and Self-Harm 
A Vital Practice Update

What you need to know as a Private Practice Therapist or practitioner about the updates to NICE guidelines on Suicide and Self Harm.

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6 October 2023      2.00pm - 4.30pm, Online

Course Information

Course content

As therapists and mental health practitioners we know how important it is to remain engaged with relevant and robust CPD. In September 2022 new NICE guidelines were introduced around the topic of Suicide and Self-Harm; its assessment, management and preventing recurrence.

This workshop will give you a overview of this new guidance and support you, through training, discussion and case examples, to apply these key components in order to be up-to-date, relevant and competent in your practice.

We will covering what the reasonable practitioner should be doing as a matter of course and how these ways of working should fit firmly with NICE guidelines – guidelines that have been endorsed by the Chief Coroner to all coroners. If, as a therapist, you are not adopting these working methodologies, then you could be seen as working outside of now accepted good practice. Can you or I accept that risk?

In addition, we will also be covering what the practitioner should NOT be doing, and how continuing with some archaic practices could be seen as negligent, unprofessional and unsafe.

During this course we will cover the following components

  • A reflection on what practices and policies you have been encouraged to adopt to date

  • A personal reflection on the states of suicidality and self-harm

  • An understanding of the history of risk assessment – and the strengths and acute weaknesses of some of these historic approaches

  • The redundancy of aspects of risk assessment tools

  • The adoption of structured clinical judgement

  • Personalised, idiosyncratic, bespoke thinking around suicide and self-harm

  • Key relevant points for private practice from The National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health

Learning Outcomes

Workshop Outcomes

At the end of this workshop attendees will:


  • Be able to adopt the key principles around best practice to manage risk and harm.

  • Be confident in their understanding of key guidance from the Chief Coroner

  • Be confident in turning this guidance into excellent practice

  • Know what to change or not do in relation to the new guidance

Additional Information

This course will operate online within a live-time setting. This course will not be recorded. Attendees need to commit to be fully present in the process, with cameras on and willing to participate in small group exercises, discussions, feedback and breakout rooms.

Attendees who complete the course receive a 2.5 hour CPD certificate. 

Fee: £30 

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About the trainer

Andy Williams holds TASTN(P) endorsement in the world of Transactional Analysis. He is a supervisor and psychotherapist with UKCP, and is a senior accredited member of BACP. Andy has been working in private practice for over twenty-five years and is passionate about excellence, clarity and integrity in the world of private therapy.


Andy has written professionally on the subject of suicide including in the BACP divisional journal and as a workshop facilitator at the BACP annual conference.


Previously, Andy worked as a tertiary level psychotherapist in the NHS before moving across to private practice.

Andy Williams training CBT
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