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ADHD in the Therapy Room:
How to work with people with ADHD

This workshop is designed to support practitioners who are working with or looking to work with clients who may have ADHD. We will explore the signs and traits of a client with ADHD, different types of ADHD and the principles of developing a treatment plan which takes account of neurodiversity.

ADHD in the therapy room

21 May 2024     5.00pm - 7.00pm    Online

Workshop recording now available

Course Information

Course content

The course provides structure and treatment direction on working with people with ADHD traits. Most of the presentation is didactical learning with some group discussions and self or practice reflection. We will also include information which can be passed on to the clients.

During the training we will cover the different areas which the client with ADHD might require support with. These may include: organisation, time management, sleep, or a deeper level of self-care.


We will take a short journey in neuroscience and look at the ADHD brain. We will then consider questions such as: Why and how is it different from the neurotypical brain? We will also explore the sensory triggers and the impact on the individual.

Our aim is to understand how we can work differently with clients who may be neurodivergent. The attendees will be able to take the principles of treatment planning away and apply it in their own practice.

Learning Outcomes

The key outcomes from the workshop are:

  • Understanding the principles of working with clients with ADHD

  • Knowing what to ask for and how to explore a neuro-diverse world

  • Be able to apply good practice principles in a counselling or psychotherapy setting.

Who is this workshop for?

The course is aimed at practitioners, trainees or students who would like to know more about working clients with ADHD.

About the trainer

Nea Clark is a PTSTA (Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst) in the field of psychotherapy. She has an  MSc  in TA psychotherapy.


She is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, is a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice. Nea leads supervision and therapy groups and presents on a range of topics.  

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