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Two key themes on the Diploma in Clinical Supervision

Bev and Ronen video about the Dip in Supervision

Bev and Ronen talk about two of the key themes on the Diploma in Supervision course


Hi, we wanted to talk to you today about our upcoming Diploma in Clinical Supervision. We wanted to share and give you a taste of key ideas that we are going to be working with.

Our Identity as a Supervisor

The first one is the centrality of identity and the importance of developing and firming up our identity as a supervisor, and how that manifests itself in our relationship with our supervisees.

We think of identity as a process. Its a feedback loop - how I relate to myself affects how I relate to others, which in turn affects how they relate to me, which reaffirms how I relate to myself. Identity is a process and our identity as a Supervisor is central to the way that we work.


Nice one, Ronen. I guess another point that is important for us both,

Come as You Are

Come as you are. If you know us you'll have heard say this. What do we mean?

We mean bring all of yourself. Bring all of your learning, all of your knowledge. All of the challenges that you've had. Its going to contribute to the learning in a deep and rich way.

This does involve a risk - but we've found that when we can risk vulnerability, it becomes our strength. So, come as you are and also get interested in what emerges out of the encounter between you and others.

What's meaningful to you? What's important to you? What meaning can you make, together, in the co-created space? We really get interested in this and we are looking forward to doing together when you join us on the course.


The online Diploma in Supervision is a 10 day course taking place over 2 long weekends and 2 shorter weekends starting December 2023.

There is a downloadable prospectus on the Diploma web page. Please do get in touch with us if you have further questions.


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