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Key TA Concepts

Key TA Concepts is a series of six 2 hour online workshops looking at key concepts of Transactional Analysis. The workshops are aimed at student therapists giving opportunity to explore TA concepts in an ‘all questions welcome’ way. 

Tickets are just £10 per workshop

Online via Zoom

Workshop dates: 6 February 2024 , 5 March 2024, 26 March 2024, 14 May 2024, 4 June 2024, 25 June 2024

All workshops are online 6.00 - 8.00pm UK time

Fern unfurling representing growth

Six 2 hr workshops February to June 2024    Online   

Workshop Information

Workshop information

Choose to attend one workshop or all six, the choice is yours. Each workshop explores a key concept of TA.  

  • Six 2 hour workshops on key TA concepts of supervision 

  • Aimed at TA students and those looking for a refresher

  • Explore in an "All questions welcome" environment

  • Workshops take place online - no restriction of location

  • Low cost, inclusive and welcoming environment

Transference image

What is Transference and Countertransference? -

from a TA Perspective

6 February 2024  6.00pm - 8.00pm 

In this workshop we will explore principles of Psychodynamic Transactional Analysis. We will be looking at our understanding of the dynamics of transference and countertransference in therapy and how these phenomena can be utilised for therapeutic insight and growth.

Gain a deeper insight into the interplay between client and therapist, and the ways in which unconscious patterns and emotions from past relationships are transferred onto the therapeutic relationship.

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Recording now available  £4.99

Head sculpture to symbolise relational ta

What is Relational TA?

How is it different from Psychodynamic TA?

5 March 2024  6.00pm - 8.00pm 

Be empowered as a therapist to work more effectively with clients, supporting them to focus on the relationship, thereby fostering deeper insights, emotional growth, and lasting transformation.

Deepen your understanding of transference and counter-transference phenomena and learn advanced techniques for managing and utilising transference to promote therapeutic change.

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Recording now available  £4.99

Parent and child holding hands

Working with the Parent Ego State in Therapy

26 March 2024  6.00pm - 8.00pm 

Gain insight into the underlying dynamics and factors that contribute to certain challenges and explore different approaches and techniques to address them.

Examine the role of the parent ego state in therapy and learn how to navigate potential pitfalls associated with this aspect, promoting productive therapeutic outcomes.

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Recording now available  £4.99

Clock with procrastination words

Procrastination and Discontents:

Working with Passive Behaviours

14 May 2024  6.00pm - 8.00pm 

Explore working with passive behaviors in this workshop. Develop your understanding of procrastination, avoidance, etc. using the Cathexis School of TA.

Enhance skills to address and work with passive behaviors commonly encountered in therapy, helping clients overcome obstacles and increase motivation.

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two people holding jigsaw pieces

How to Make Establishing a Working Relationship Easier - Personality Adaptations

4 June 2024  6.00pm - 8.00pm 

How to Engage with Different Personality Adaptations in Therapy – Redecision School of TA: Understand various personality adaptations and their impact on clients' functioning and learn techniques to engage and work effectively with each adaptation.

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Fern unfurling image - development and maturity

Thinking Developmentally in Relational TA Therapy

25 June 2024  6.00pm - 8.00pm 

Unpick the Developmental Ego State Model. Explore the importance of considering the developmental stages and processes in therapy. Learn how to assess and address the client's needs based on their developmental history, attachment patterns, and current stage of growth.

This approach allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the client and facilitates effective interventions that promote growth and change.

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About the Trainer

Elvin Aydin Keles, PhD, LPC, NCC, MA, M Ed, PTSTA(P)

Elvin has a theory-oriented background in Psychoanalytic Studies  alongside her training in Transactional Analysis at Metanoia Institute.

Elvin now lives in the US where she is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is an international trainer and supervisor in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy (PTSTA-P) and is currently a globally oriented private practice therapist and supervisor. In addition, she runs an online psychotherapy training program delivered fully in Turkish.

She has served on the board of several international breast cancer organisations as a mental health expert and patient advocate.

Elvin's first book on psychotherapy – “My Heart is Cross with My Tongue” was published in Turkish which is aimed at a cultural attunement of relational psychotherapeutic concepts. Her second book – The Therapist’s Dilemma (in the press) which is  about unpicking the dynamics of relational psychotherapy will be published in 2024 also in Turkish.

Elvin currently lives with her family in Boston and is being trained by her two adolescent children and her dog in developing better coping skills in ambivalence while her husband fully supports her in her efforts!

Elvin Aydin Keles
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