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Guidelines on Suicide and Self Harm for Private Practice Therapists

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Suicide and Self Harm - A Vital Practice Update

6 October 2023 online workshop with Andy Williams TSTA, UKCP, MBACP

As therapists and mental health practitioners we know how important it is to review our practice and take on board changes in guidance and requirements. In September 2022 the new NICE guidelines were published around the topic of Suicide and Self-Harm; its assessment, management and preventing recurrence.

As an experienced clinical supervisor, Andy has developed this workshop particularly with those in private practice in mind. Would you be confident in applying the guidance and knowing what it means for your practice?

Suicide and Self Harm for Private Practice Therapists

This workshop gives you what you need to know as a Private Practice Therapist or practitioner about the updates to NICE guidelines on Suicide and Self Harm.

Would you like to:

  • Be able to adopt the key principles around best practice to manage risk and harm.

  • Be confident in their understanding of key guidance from the Chief Coroner

  • Be confident in turning this guidance into excellent practice

  • Know what to change or not do in relation to the new guidance

The workshop takes place online on Zoom on Friday 6 October 2 - 4.30pm UK time. Tickets £30. Click on the links below to book.

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